MBN.globalRisk management platform for traders and investors

We allow crypto and stock investors to reduce and control risks
with smart contract and blockchain control

Risk Management

Invest in traders with smart contract safety

100% Transparency

Trader's statistics are verified by blockchain

Safety of Assets

Investor keeps full control of his assets

API Keys

Trader gets access to assets via secure API connections

Guaranteed Payouts

Traders are paid based on their performance

DeFi Solution

We bring the traditional market to Crypto

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Advantages for Investors

100% risk management
Define MAX loss and limit trading pairs for the trading contract

Proof-of-Trade system
All trades are logged on the blockchain and always visible

Diversify your portfolio
Invest in multiple traders and bots at the same time

Maximum control
You always keep full control of your crypto assets

Calculate How Much You Can Earn

Calculate the possible profit and choose the one that suits you from over 100 traders
with up to 70% profitability per one contract.

Select a trader for profit calculation

Set initial investment amount in USDT

Set initial investment date

Income Today:

2071.2 USDT


Investment Date:  


*profit calculated by trader’s history based on MBN's Proof-of-Trade system (Hashlog)

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Traders Opportunities

  • Get assets in asset management
  • Connect own trading soft
  • Trade on multiple exchanges from single environment
  • Win prizes in trading competitions

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Platform for Funds

An investor or trader can join or establish a fund in just a few steps:

Create your own fund

Attract investments

Manage all contracts as one

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You can receive access to a whole new world of trading with MBN tokens.
Use MBN tokens to pay for access to MBN platform

With MBN tokens you can receive staking rewards or join Community Operated Fund (COF)
to take part in investment pools and other ecosystem activities.

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