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Unique smart contract technology

Explore how MBN technology is providing 100% safety for both sides


The technology utilizes Ethereum Smart contract, which controls the deal between trader and investor. The trader sets 3 contract conditions: duration time, target profit, max loss.


The investor adds exchange API keys to the platform. The keys are stored in the off-chain database with a multi-level security system. A trader does not have any direct access to assets or possibility to withdrawal them – he has only temporary access for trading, on the terms agreed in the smart contract.


Trader’s commission is locked on Ethereum blockchain before the start of the contract and is paid to the trader according to his results.


An investor can set stop-loss and restrictions on trading pairs excluding coins with low liquidity.


An investor could divide his 1 API key on multiple sub-API to provide assets to several traders while using 1 exchange account.


An investor never sends his assets anywhere and always has full control over them. Trader's payout is guaranteed by the smart-contract, which contains all the terms of the agreement and hold the commission fee during the contract. All of the trading activities are stored in the blockchain to provide transparency and to verify the trader's statistics such as ROI and average monthly profitability.


An investor has 10 BTC on his exchange account. He sends a request for asset management to a trader. They concluded a deal via MBN smart contract with following conditions:

  • Trader’s fee40%
  • Duration time30 days
  • Target profit10%
  • Max loss5%

The investor should lock the full amount of the potential commission fee on the smart contract = 10 BTC*10%*40% = 0,4 BTC.
Upon finishing the contract after 30 days trader gains only 5% profit, so, the trader receives a corresponding commission fee of 0,2 BTC (10 BTC*5%*40%). The remaining part of the commission fee (0,2 BTC) is sent back to the investor.

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