API keys

The trader is acting via API protocol and does not have direct access to investor's funds. API keys are stored and encrypted in the backend system.

Risk management executes by smart contract

All contract conditions are controlled by the oracle system and executed by the smart contract.

Proof-of-trade. Trustable trader's data

All completed trades are stored in MBN Hashlog, providing verified and trustable data and trader's ROI.

API Keys


API Keys

Security Database


  • The trader doesn’t have direct access to the investor's assets
  • Investors assets are always in control by the investor
  • API Keys are stored in a database secured with AES-256 algorithm

Risk management

Parameters of the deal are stored in
Ethereum blockchain

Target Profit
Max Loss

Trader's commission is stored in
Ethereum blockchain

contract token {
    mapping (address => uint) public coinBalanceOf;
    event CoinTransfer(address sender, address receiver);

function token(uint supply) {
    coinBalanceOf[msg.sender] = supply;

Ethereum Blockchain


MBN has developed an internal registry in which the hash sum of all completed trades on the platform are recorded - Hashlog

With its help, the possibility of falsification of the trader’s
trading history and its efficiency is completely excluded

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